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LizNotes Newsletter

The concept of the "In-Between" has become Liz's central theme in life and the substance of all of her creative work over the last few years. Liz’s fascination with music lies in the many ways one can arrive, land, and leave a note. Though the notes matter, it is the movement between them, the interaction of harmonic and melodic layers, and the alchemy between texture and rhythmic movement that create personal musical style, emotion and expression. 

As a violinist, a musical and touring life is all about the In-Between–writing, composing, arranging, rehearsals, planning and booking periods in and around performance, the constant transitioning between home and the road, moving in mind and body from place to place, and so many other kinds of “between”. For Liz, these moments of “in-between” were full of the excitement of something new, the vitality of transformation, the energy of reciprocity, but required a welcoming of the uncomfortable as well and in the process of navigating all of this, she expanded her capacity for finding meaning and inspiration.

One can look at the In-Between through a wider lens than just music. It is the liminal places, the edge land, places where light meets dark, where one thought blends into another, or where one landscape meets another. These are places of overlap, fluidity, exchange, friction, reciprocity, and ultimately, transformation. 


The LizNotes newsletter emerged during the pandemic. This was Liz's answer to what to do during the shut-down–the pandemic has created the ultimate In-Between for people around the world. The newsletter presented a way to continue to contribute artistically to the world during the absence of live performance. But strangely, and wonderfully, this writing practice has become a way for Liz to connect the many interests, curiosities and meandering paths of thought in her creative life, paths that previously had no landing place on which to converge. The newsletter itself had become an In-Between. And that is the whole point...

It is not the ‘landings' or the 'leavings' but the in-betweens, the fluid places, the moments of greatest change and transformation that continue to intertwine and overlap to make her the player and person she is today.

Thank you for reading!

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