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In Between the Music!

Liz Knowles’ fascination with music has always been rooted in how one can arrive, land, and leave a note and this certainly has driven her throughout her performance, recording and teaching career highlighted in her bio. But there is more to her story these days than just playing.

So welcome to the rest of the story!

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The Teacher's Gathering

For many years, Liz has felt that there hasn't been a place for–or enough!– discussion around the teaching of traditional music. During the pandemic, she began to host online Zoom meetings with teachers around the country and the world to do just that. It has grown into a wonderfully supportive and informative gathering. Discussions include topics like improving technique, ornamentation and articulation, what and how to practice, how to teach style, improvisation, getting students to listen intently, and more general topics like the business of running a teaching studio.


Meetings are usually once a month, they are free and open to anyone interested in the teaching of traditional music of any kind.

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The podcast, as a medium, has become Liz's new muse—the perfect synthesis of ideas, music, language, and performance. Liz has produced three podcasts:


‘The Sound of Circles’ for ‘Migration’, a dance film project (choreographer Sandy Silva and filmmaker Marlene Millar)


‘A Musician’s Notes: Improvising During a Pandemic’ for the Critical Studies in Improvisation (University of Toronto at Guelph, Canada)


‘The Lizzes Podcast’ with fiddler Liz Carroll, two fiddlers in conversation about Irish music, teaching, life, and everything in between!

Season 1 is now public and The Lizzes are working on Season 2. 



She is currently working on several books—one on the the “In-Between” and one on the art of practice and the crossroads between a classical and traditional music education.

She currently publishes a bi-monthly newsletter (since 2020) called ‘LizNotes’ which seeks to connect her experiences as a performer, composer, arranger, and teacher of traditional music with concepts around practice, landscape, and design, and the theme she calls her life’s work, the “In-Between”.


Thanks for reading!


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